Updated Class Routine - 2023

Co- curriculam Activities

Co-curriculum activities : Students, besides their academic knowledge, need to have knowledge/exposure to extracurricular activities also. These extra extracurricular activities are to be set in a manner to enhance student’s knowledge base and developing confidence among them. These activities should be supplementary to his/her academic studies. Students will be exposed to games and sports facilities in the school to get out of boredom and monotony. Games and Sports Competitions can generate enthusiasm and interest in children. Such competitions can also develop teamwork, spirit of cooperation, formation of character and teach the virtue of discipline. Different competitions will be held at different occasions throughout the year.

The activities are framed into following parameters:

• Events : Birthday celebration, annual sports day, annual cultural program, class party, Eid reunion day, annual picnic, annual Milad Mahfil, Cub scout oath ceremony, parents meeting,