Updated Class Routine - 2023

Admission Procedure

Inclusive Education Unit (IEU)
• WMTS is an inclusive school and we welcome all children. Every December, WMTS
initiates the admission process for the following year. As long as there are places available, children who have successfully passed the admission test are allocated to the appropriate class.

Special Education Needs Unit (SENU)
• In order to admitted to the Special Education Needs Unit, the child must be able to communicate with others and express his or her thoughts.
• The child must be between 4 and 10 years old and must be physically disabled.
• The child can stay within the Special Education Needs Unit (SENU) for a maximum of 15 (fifteen) years.
• The child must be diagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy or physical disable by an external therapist or a registered doctor. The diagnosis will then be confirmed by the school admission committee. For this diagnosis, the child must bring their birth registration certificate.
• Once the child is selected for admission as residential student, the mother of the child must stay with the child for either one or two weeks as the child adapts to their new environment. The charge to the parent for this stay is Tk 1000 per week.
• The admitted child may leave for their own home on Thursdays, between the hours of 12 noon and 2 pm and must be brought back to the school by 8am the following Saturday. The child cannot be kept at home outside of school hours without express permission from the school.
• When taking a child home at the end of the week, all the formalities of the school gate must be met with due care, and the absence must be noted in the hostel registrar.
• Without express permission of the authority, guardians cannot stay in the hostel.
• If the child becomes able to adapt in both school and hostel, only then he will be admitted.
• For residential students, there is an admission fee of Tk 9000 and a combined accommodation, food and tuition fee of Tk 3000 per month.
• For non-residential students, there is an admission fee of Tk 5650 and a monthly tuition fee of Tk 500.
• Parents must attend parents’ meetings regularly. In addition, they are obliged to maintain contact with teachers and therapists, especially in situations where the child is absent from school.
• The monthly fee must be paid on 7th, 10th, 12th and 15th of every month. Late payments will be subject to a penalty-fee.
• Once the child has sufficiently developed and is able to go a mainstream school or if the child fails to improve physically or academically, the child’s place at the school will be terminated. Likewise, if the child is referred to any other special school, or is nominated for vocational training, their place may similarly be terminated.
• If the child remains absent for three months or more without the permission of the authority then the child’s place at the school will be cancelled. If the child subsequently wishes to gain readmission to the school, any outstanding admission fees must first be settled.
• Every parent must enter a correct contact number in the school register book for regular communication. Parents must inform the school of any changes to contact phone numbers.
• If the child’s parents do not have physical contact with their child for a period of three months, the school authorities will remove the child and send them to their home.