Updated Class Routine - 2023

Celebration & Program

WMTS observes the following holidays throughout the year :

Independence Day: On 26th March, WMTS observes Independence Day. Each year, WMTS students are able to enjoy and participate in a specially designed program.
Celebration of International Mother Language Day: Every 21st February WMTS celebrates International Mother Language Day with a festive program that includes cultural activities and an art competition.
World Autism Awareness Day: Every 2nd April, WMTS celebrates Autism Awareness Day in conjunction with the paediatric dept. at CRP. The school also participates in government arranged programs in Dhaka.
International Disability day: CRP always celebrates International Disability Day with an all-day program that includes a rally, an art competition open to all WMTS special students, a cultural program, and a discussion program. This year, some of our special students joined in the Government program in Dhaka, which included them performing on stage
World Cerebral Palsy Day: WMTS always celebrates Cerebral Palsy Day in conjunction with the CRP paediatric department in a program that includes all WMTS students.
Road Safety Awareness Day: Every year, CRP observes Road Safety Day with a series of programs that advocate better road safety.
International Children’s day: WMTS students celebrate International Children’s Day on 20th November each year along with the CRP paediatric department. The intention is to highlight the importance of children in our society.