Updated Class Routine - 2024

Therapy Service

Therapy service (OT, PT, SLT & Group Therapy) :
Occupational Therapy: Occupational Therapy for children aims to promote optimal well-being, function, independence and productivity within the context of their lifestyle and environment. Specific focus areas include ADL, sensory processing, fine motor developments, sensory-motor developments, self- care skills, social skill training, psychosocial rehabilitation, vocational training and providing equipment to meet children’s’ needs..
Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy aims to assist children to improve their mobility and independence in the school environment. Specific focus areas include gross motor development(balance, coordination), muscular control and strength, equipment, transfers/lifting, mobility, positioning (floor sitting, chair adaptations) and inclusive education.
Speech and Language Therapy: Speech and language therapy helps children who have communication problems, or difficulties with eating, drinking or swallowing. SLT helps the child communicate with others whether verbally or nonverbally, It also helps develop an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system (communication book, communication board etc.) who are unable to express verbally or nonverbally.SLT plays a role in classroom modification, picture modification and develops different reading materials which help the child to easily understand.
Group Therapy: In the afternoons, SENU students participate in group therapy in the therapy room. Physical, functional, communication and leisure activity are practiced with the children. All therapists and support teachers facilitate these sessions.
Other Therapy services (Hydro Therapy, Hippo Therapy, AD Assessment & Distribution) :
Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy is very important for children with disability. Hence, all WMTS special needs children attend hydrotherapy sessions once a week in Dhaka. International School, Dhaka (ISD) has allowed WMTS to use their beautiful pool for hydrotherapy sessions involving our children with special needs.
Horse riding therapy: Disabled children who attend either WMTS or the Pediatric Unit e.g. those with CP or ASD, can take part in horse riding therapy sessions. These sessions are supervised by a physiotherapist, occupational therapist; the WMTS horse keeper, support assistant and ayah. There is a horse riding therapy session register that is maintained by the school. There is a detailed schedule for horse riding sessions, and both a list of WMTS students list and list of children from the Pediatric Unit are added to the schedule. Pediatric unit horse riding sessions are supervised by the Pediatric unit.

Assistive devices for WMTS students: If a therapist decides that an assisted device is required for a child, they will work other CRP departments to ensure that the child receives the device. Departments that therapists work with include the Special Seating Unit, P&O, the wood workshop, the metal workshop, and APT. Assistive devices can be used to maintain posture and proper body alignment. The devices are regularly monitored by the CRP therapists. Every 6 months, therapists arrange a follow-up session with the department that provided the assistive device.