Updated Class Routine - 2024

WMTS Library

WMTS Library : WMTS provides library facilities for all children in order to increase their motivation and help them complete learning targets at school. There are specific time schedules in a routine and teachers are on-hand to help children find specific books. The range of educational resources available also aims to reflect current educational thinking and is used in local schools. WMTS offers more than just books to help student’s studies and lesson plans.

Multimedia a services : Multimedia classrooms can help to meet the needs of our students in a various ways. For example, visual learners may learn best from videos, auditory learners may prefer audio clips or podcasts, and bodily-kinesthetic learner may find online interactivity most useful. The same topic could be covered using a variety of media, with each student using their own preferred medium to maximize the learning process.

Special coaching class : IEU run a coaching class for the special needs children who also attend their other classes in IEU. For the betterment of the special children, all teachers provide support via coaching classes after formal school.

Cub Scouts : Students from Class 1- 5 and aged between 7 and 10 may join the WMTS Cub Scouts. Scouts classes are held every Thursday. The objective of the scouting movement is to actively engage with and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

Hostel (Facility) : We have a well-furnished hostel where students can stay if they are unable to travel daily to the school. The total student capacity at the hostel is 55. The ground floor is allocated to boys and the first floor to girls. A specially trained housemother and caregivers are available to look after the residential students. Special diets for residential students, regular follow-ups with a pediatrician, and the provision of medication are all managed by the hostel. Two ex-WMTS students named Sathi & Prodip, along with others working in CRP also stay in the WMTS hostel for a charge of 3000/- per month. No guardians are permitted to stay in the hostel except female guardians of newly admitted students. These guardians my stay for a maximum of three days as the student adapts to their new environment. The hostel cost for new children is 2000/- tk for food cost and 500/-tk for hostel bed charge.