Updated Class Routine - 2023


WMTS has a specific committee that oversees a home visit program. Therapists (OT, PT, and SLT), teachers and social workers visit every special child’s home to assess the child’s condition, their home environment, life style, and to discuss ways of improving the child’s development. Efforts are made for the inclusion of CP students into a mainstream school or society.

Community based Rehabilitation (CBR):
WMTS rehabilitates special needs students at the age of 15 who have already finished their education from SENU. The initial step is a decision by WMTS staff (principal, incharge, therapist, social welfare staff and responsible teacher) to reintegrate the student into the community. Following this decision, the parents are involved in jointly drawing up a plan for the child’s future. WMTS has helped many students with their rehabilitation into the community, for example by providing cattle, making shops with utensils, and making houses.