Updated Class Routine - 2023

Do and Don’ts

There are some Do’s and Don’ts which the students have to abide by as mentioned below:

i. Do`s for the Students of WMTS
(1) Pray regularly to the Almighty as per religion.
(2) Speak the truth, only the truth and always the truth.
(3) Be sure that you have prepared your studies for the next day/class before going to sleep every night,
(4) Always make sure that you dress neatly, work honestly and behave gently with all.
(5) Be friendly to all specially with your disabled friend.

ii. Don’ts for the Students of WMTS
(1) No quarrelling or indecent act inside the school.
(2) No forced work of any kind.
(3) No lending or borrowing of a student’s personal possessions like stationeries, books,
(4) No disobedience to the teachers’ instructions.
(5) No smoking in the school.
(6) Never be late anywhere, anytime.
(7) Never hurt any disabled children