Updated Class Routine - 2023

General Disciplines

For students:
• Students are required to wear the specified school uniform. Non-residential students stay on the school premises from 8.00 am – 1.00 pm and must bring lunch/tiffin with them.
• Captain selection for each class and some responsibilities for leadership development.
• 80% attendance is a pre-requisite for participation in final exams. However, under certain circumstances, this stipulation may be waived by school management at their discretion.

For guardians/parents:
• All the parents must either leave the school compound after dropping off their children at the classroom or may sit in a specific guardians’ seating place.
• Ensure regular participation at WMTS parents’ meetings.
• Any query associated with child or education services parents must be communicated to the child’s class teacher.
• Provide tuition fees by specified dates.
• Check the school diary on regular basis.
• Follow the academic calendar regarding holiday, parents meetings and exams.

For teachers:
• Bullying, sexual or verbal harassment including the use of racial or ethnic slurs, profanity or obscene language will not be tolerated and may result in suspension.
• Areas outside of the classroom need to be checked for tripping risks and safety hazards.
• Adhere to the CRP child protection policy.
• Help create a joyful teaching learning environment.
• All IEU teachers should create a detailed lesson plan for each class especially for Bangla, English, and maths lessons.

For academics:
• In every class there should be a class captain for the year with specific badge.
• For any class in the IEU containing between eight and ten pupils, a support teacher will assist the lead teacher.
• The school retains all teaching and learning materials for play and nursery class.
• A drawing and handwriting book is included for pre-primary classes.
• All teachers and therapists should retain important class documents, and update individual CWD students’ files regularly.

For physical environment:
• Ensure that all equipment/materials that the child might come into contact with is regularly inspected and maintained. The same goes for the physical structure of the classroom and building.
• Ensure that there is enough room for both students and the teacher to move around safely in a classroom.
• Cleaning materials and sharp equipment need to be kept well away from children.
• Ensure safety and proper guidance during positioning or tying up at standing frame.
• Ensure safety during using ramps, corridors, toilets and stairs.
• Maintain a healthy and hygienic environment.
• Taking pictures during classes other school activities is strongly prohibited, but may be allowed with consent from and the approval of the school authorities.
• All workmen/contractors who come onsite to carry out repair/maintenance work must ensure/maintain a high standard of safety and not expose anyone to risk.

For emotional environment:
• The school aims towards achieving a policy which :
      o Gives students the language for describing emotions.
    o Ensures that students understand and trust the fact that they can report any incorrect behaviour without fear of reprisal, and know who to report to at school.
      o Ensures that students understand how to deal with strangers, including ensuring understanding the boundaries that adult should not cross.